Sexual Health

Sexual health is a big part of our lives and it is important to have the right tools to navigate our physical and emotional wellbeing in this regard. Hera Family Care is here to help!



The teenage years are an incredible time for emotional and physical development. They are also a time where information and guidance is crucial in the formation of healthy personal and social habits. This is why at Hera Family Care we offer seminars and small group workshops to provide teens with information about their sexual and emotional health.


Sexual health and wellbeing is important at all stages of life both physically and emotionally. It is important that in adulthood we know to respect our bodies and also treat other people’s body’s and preferences with respect. In our face to face or online workshops at Hera Family Care we provide detailed information on various subjects to do with sexual health, as well as parent consultations to help with difficult conversations.


Parenting can be tough! Especially if it is your first time. There are many different methods of parenting nowadays. Hera Family Care offers online prerecorded seminars on the different kinds of parenting. 

After Trauma

At Hera Family Care we offer support to victims of sexual or psychological trauma in a discrete and safe environment that gives you the opportunity to ask for help and know you have someone by your side.


Menopause is a very significant time in the life of every woman. Oftentimes it comes with significant physical and emotional changes. We are here to help you to navigate those changes to create a community of women so you know you are not going through this alone!

Price Plans

Available services for adults

We offer discrete and evidence based services and seminars for adults wanting to know more about sexual health, adults who have suffered from traumatic events or who would like guidance on navigating difficult conversations with their children.
25 Per course
  • How to talk about consent with your children
  • Dealing with traumatic events
  • Menopause

Parenting Workshops

There are many different methods of parenting and in our online workshops we offer insights into all different methods with additional access to experienced professionals.
25 Per Course
  • Parenting Methods
  • Good communcation
  • Tips and tricks

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