Pregnancy is often a beautiful time but it can also be very stressful. At Hera Family Care we offer tailor made maternity and pregnancy packages to cater to your every need.


Yoga Classes

Physical activity during pregnancy is beneficial both for physical and mental health. In our pregnancy yoga classes we tailor each session to your needs with classes designed to deal with specific pregnancy related issues such as sciatic pain, constipation, pelvic floor issues and of course preparation for labour!

Childbirth Preparation

In these sessions we will talk about all things birth related. We will learn about: The anatomy and physiology of birth and how this helps you, emergency situations and things to me aware of and how you can help your body to birth your baby. These can be face to face or online.

We will also go through some fun tricks and positions to help your baby to engage!

Physical Examination

As midwives we are trained to care for women during their pregnancy. In our physical examinations we can check in on your health, your blood pressure, any concerning symptoms that require referral to the doctors and of course we can have a listen to your baby’s heartbeat!

Pregnancy Education

In these classes we will talk about what is happening in your pregnancy, what to expect at each stage and we will check in on your mental wellbeing at each phase! We all know that a healthy happy Mummy means a healthy happy baby! These sessions can either be conducted on a one to one basis, as a group or even online.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a wonderful service to help you to relax and improve your sleep and circulation.

Psychological Support

Pregnancy can be a difficult time with lots of anxiety and expectation both from ourselves and from your close environment. Together, we can help you to understand and process your feelings, learn to set boundaries and enjoy your pregnancy as the unique experience it is.

Pamper Day/Retreats

On a Pamper day you get to spend a few hours starting off with pregnancy yoga with guided meditation, then a swim in the pool, a pregnancy education class and finishing off with a pregnancy massage and lunch!

Antenatal Fitness

Coming soon!

Antenatal Nutrition

Coming soon!


Breastfeeding Classes

In these classes we will go through everything “breastfeeding” and how to best prepare you for the wonderful journey of feeding your baby.

Partner Classes

We like your partner to be involved so that they feel empowered and ready to advocate for you and your needs. In these classes we will go through how they can best support you at whatever stage of the journey you are.

Birth Plan

Labour and birth are unpredictable and thus cannot be “planned”. However, in this session, if we have not worked together before, we will go through an overview of your birth options using our specially formulated document to ensure you have the information you need in order to feel safe and supported during your birth experience. These can be face to face or online!

Pregnancy Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation should be an integral part of our daily life as we often find ourselves in situations that require grounding. Pregnancy is no different. Access our mindfulness recordings if you need to take a breather and focus your mind.

Obstetric Violence

Obstetric violence is sadly something that has been witnessed historically but it still happens. It is good to be aware of the rights to have to your body in childbirth to ensure you are never coerced into making decisions.

Perinatal Mental Health

Perinatal mental health includes your mental health from conception until 1 year after your baby is born. It is an integral and vital part of your physical health and wellbeing. In our specialist perinatal mental health online seminars at Hera Family Care we will talk about the most common mental health problems during this period and how you can overcome them with the correct support.

Pregnancy Packages

Basic Maternity Package

Two online consultations a month with the midwife and optional add on with the psychologist
140 Monthly
  • Virtual or face to face Midwife Sessions
  • Chat Access with your midwife

Premium Maternity Package

Two face to face consultations per month, pregnancy checks and one session with the psychologist
190 Monthly
  • Face to face midwife sessions with education and pregnancy checks
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Chat Access with your midwife

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