Are you trying to have a baby? Hera Family Care is here to support you. Check out the services we have available for you online, as a group or individually face to face.


Psychological Support

Trying for a baby can be an especially difficult time. It does not always happen quickly and this can be disheartening. In these sessions we will help you to discuss and process those feelings, with special attention to the details of your story. Whether you are trying for the first time or you have previously suffered a pregnancy loss these sessions will help you to give validity to your feelings around becoming pregnant and will help to prepare you for the road ahead.

Miscarriage Support

No matter how many weeks your baby was a miscarriage is devastating time in the life of any parent. At Hera Family Care we are here to support you with a debrief service where you can talk about your experience either with an experiences midwife or a psychologist.

Pre-Conception Workshop

In this workshop we will go through your concerns about becoming pregnant and/or becoming a parent. We will discuss your options and what actions you can take in your everyday life to improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Surrogate Support / Coordinator

Coming soon!

Adoption Support / Consulting

Coming soon!

IVF Support / Consulting

Pregnancy is not always easy and many families find themselves in a situation where they have to seek alternative methods to achieve a pregnancy or have a child. In this support group we will go through your options and ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed choice in order to welcome a child into your family.

Artificial Insemination - Support & Consutling

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Price Plans

IVF support

This online workshop is designed to help you to navigate the world of IVF, what your options are and how you can come to terms with your new normal.
120 Once off
  • Psychological support and debrief
  • Information about IVF options
  • Physical and emotional preparation

Miscarriage Support

These sessions are either individual or in a small group and you will have the opportunity to discuss your feelings around your pregnancy loss, we will help you with support on how to cope with the future and provide useful information about some of the potential reasons behind miscarriages.
50 Per session
  • Emotional Support
  • Understanding miscarriages
  • Life after a miscarriage

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