The postpartum period and parenthood are all big events in every new parent’s life.  Hera Family Care is here to make that journey easier.


Infant Massage Training

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Psychological Support

Mental health is an extremely important factor during the postnatal period and up to the first year after your baby is born. Hormonal changes and significant changes to your sleep pattern as well as the usual worries about feeding and infant care can make this a very trying time. In our psychological support sessions we give you the opportunity to understand, accept and improve your mental health through one to one or group sessions. Hera Family Care is here to help you!

Pamper Day/Retreats

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Breastfeeding Support

Join our one to one or group breastfeeding classes to learn more about the art of breastfeeding, things that are normal and things to look out for in those first few weeks and months of breastfeeding.

Postnatal Fitness

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Postnatal Nutrition

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Newborn Classes

Having a newborn is a very special but also very stressful time for many parents. At Hera Family Care we provide newborn care classes on a group or one to one basis to help you in those first days after you and your baby have gone home but also moving forward so that you can feel confident handling and caring for your baby.

Newborn Home Visits

At Hera Family Care we offer a package of home visits with our midwife who will visit you and your baby at home to help for the first 6 weeks after birth with a range of practical advice and emotional support during this time. The first 6 weeks can be tough and it is important to know you have somewhere to turn with professional and evidence based advice. Let us help and support you!

Physical Examination

No matter how you birthed your baby, your body has been through a marathon and it requires care and attention for the first few postpartum weeks. At Hera Family Care we offer physical wellbeing check ups for mum and baby. In these sessions we will care for your physical and mental health as well as the health of your baby.

Mom and Baby Classes

These are group classes provided by Hera Family Care to enhance the sense of community between new parents with their newborns. In these classes, parents will have the opportunity to share their experience and our midwife will give you practical advice on how to handle your experiences.

Baby Sign Language Classes

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Parenting Classes

In these classes we want the whole family to come together so that we can go through any concerns you may have and help you with practical skills and advice on your life with your new baby. We can also give you some handy tips on setting healthy boundaries with those around you.

First Aid Classes Newborn

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FIrst Aid Classes 6m+

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First Aid Classes Toddlers

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Safe Sleep Classes

Safe sleeping with a newborn is a vitally important aspect of newborn care that many people don’t know  or think about. In our online seminar at Hera Family Care we will explain the importance of safe sleeping habits for you and your baby as well as how to co-sleep safely in order to avoid circumstances that may lead to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), overheating and falls.

Correct Sleep Expectations

We all know that sleeping with a newborn is hard. It is really useful to have correct sleep expectations and to know what it normal for a newborn based on their developmental stage. At Hera Family Care we can help you with that with our virtual workshop on sleep with a newborn.

Birth Trauma Workshop

Although birth can be a beautiful moment in your life, for many reasons it is an event that can cause significant trauma. In the United Kingdom a 3rd of women suffer from post traumatic stress disorder following their birth, even if their experience was “non eventful” on paper. Hera Family Care is here for you to provide either group or one to one birth trauma sessions to go over your birth experience with you, to help you understand and rationalize what happened in order to help you to move forward in your everyday life with your baby.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation Classes

The pelvic floor is such an important part of our bodies as women and it is truly tested during pregnancy and birth. In our pelvic floor workshop we will discuss useful tips on how to strengthen your pelvic floor and help it to heal. This workshop will also be available to women who are suffering with incontinence

Price Plans

Mum and Baby 3 Visit Package

In our postnatal package we will be offering 3 home visits after the birth of your baby to help with infant care, feeding, maternal physical and mental health as well as parenting skills
120 Per package
  • Practical education and support with breastfeeding
  • At least one visit in the maternity unit to help to establish feeding
  • 3 visits at home after you baby is born

Mum and Baby 5 Visit Package

In our postnatal package we will be offering 5 home visits after the birth of your baby to help with infant care, feeding, maternal physical and mental health as well as parenting skills
190 Per Package
  • Practical Education and support with infant feeding
  • 5 visits at home after your baby is born and at least one at the maternity unit
  • General baby care

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