Birth Trauma

Childbirth is a very special event in the life of a woman and/or a couple brought by the joyful entrance of a new life into this world.

However, it is an unpredictable event, and they do not talk much about what happens when it doesn’t all go as we imagined it.

So what if giving birth is not the joyful event we expected?

For many reasons the birth experience may not be as we imagined it.

Whether we underwent an intervention during childbirth, an emergency caesarean, or our path to breastfeeding was not as easy as we expected, childbirth can cause serious trauma not only physically but also mentally.

Birth trauma refers to the trauma suffered by a woman or her partner as a result of an incident around them. This trauma can cause serious mental disorders. In the UK it has been estimated that 10-15% of pregnant women suffer from severe depression and anxiety disorder during the perinatal period while 3% suffer from post-traumatic stress after a traumatic birth.Yes, that’s what soldiers returning from war often have!

For years society has been telling us that “since you have a healthy baby you should be happy” “since you are both healthy why are you complaining?” etc. 

These phrases have caused anger and distress in women over the years. But now, with a better understanding and acceptance of mental health and mental disorders, healthcare professionals are more equipped than ever to support you in case of a traumatic birth. 

Here it is also worth noting from health professionals that traumatic childbirth is completely subjective. It does not mean that just because for us it was an “uneventful” birth, for you it was not traumatic. 

At Hera Family Care we offer a series of seminars and workshops where, either individually or in groups,we discuss birth trauma and what it means for you. These seminars are conducted by a midwife experienced in perinatal mental health and/or our psychologist. 

It’s time for your voices to be heard, and we in turn want to help you understand your feelings and get rid of any guilt you may be carrying for things that are out of your control.  

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